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Chiko Seasonal
Mounting System

It can freely adjust tilt angle and clearance for different seasons. Providing as much as a 25% increase in yield from solar panels in comparison to fixed structure. And it provides a flexible solution for flat roof project.

Significant Advantage


⊙ Suited for both framed and unframed modules
⊙ Module inclination angle can be 10°, 25°, 40° or customized degree
⊙ Adjustable height allows the perpendicular alignment to the sun

Engineering excellence

⊙ Static analysis for different configurations is available.
⊙ Completely modular installation program.
⊙ All stability tests are carried out according to current standards.


⊙ Fast and easy installation thanks to preassemble base and small number of individual parts.
⊙ Maintenance costs are minimized due to the long lasting anodized finish.

Technical datasheet

Installation site Open field flat roof mount
Foundation Concrete block
PV modules Framed and unframed
Module orientation Portrait or landscape
Mount tilt angle 0° - 40°
Ground clearance 200mm-1000mm
Wind load Up to 60 m/s
Snow load Up to 1.4 KN/m 2
Material AL 6005-T5
Accessories SUS 304 bolts
Color Natural
Warranty 20 years


⊙ Adjustable height
The height adjusted from 200 mm to 1000 mm along with tilt angle adjustment.
The structure has three positions that the panels can be locked into for summer position, winter position and spring/autumn position.
Position Angle range Clearance from ground (mm) Applicable season
Hole 1 10° - 25° 645-1000 Summer
Hole 2 25° - 32° 435-645 Spring/Autumn
Hole 3 32° - 40° 242-435 Winter

Adjustable angle

⊙ On the one hand, moving rail nut up in column; On the other hand, choosing suitable hole in bracing to fix with rail nut. To meet tilt angle adjustable.
From the seasonal angle adjustable structure ensures the panels maintain a better alignment with the sun. This perpendicular alignment to the sun allows the panels to see an increased yield of 15% in the winter months and 25% in the summer months in comparison to fixed mounting structure.
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