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Aprender más acerca de Chiko Commerical y solución de montaje residenciales puede beneficiarse

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Estudios de caso

Averiguar que solucion facil es apropiado para su sistema de energia solar

Acerca de nosotros

Chiko Solar diseña y fabrica Sistemas de montaje solar de alta calidad para Techo a dos aguas......learn more>>

La industria

Desarrollar enérgicamente la utilización de la energía solar, la industria de calor


At present, China's solar energy industry is already the largest in the world, China has become the world's solar water heater production and use of the largest country, is also an important producer of solar photovoltaic cells. Main informa...

Las subvenciones a la energia solar, Yunnan empresas nominado Rubro


According to the insiders, although the Yunnan solar energy company has 8 to be seleted list but energy saving energy subsidies, subsidies and Yunnan is still in the implementation of the household appliances to the countryside subsidy only ...

2012 China mercado fotovoltaico instalación cantidad de crecimiento anual de 500


In 2012 China PV market installation amount of annual growth of 500% The PV market than expected continued growth, in 2012 third quarter 2.8GW installed, the installed capacity of 6GW....

En 2020 la capacidad instalada de energía solar en China análisis estadístico


Our country should according to concentration is developed and distributed by using a combination of principles, and actively promote solar energy utilizing a plurality, encourage in solar energy resources excellent, no other economy uses va...

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